Heads In Beds

Providing lodging, hope, stability and real opportunity for change!

Often people in crisis find themselves homeless, broke and with nowhere to sleep or spend a few days as they try and connect with support services like AA, NA and community-based outreach programs for people in recovery. Often, they may be eligible for EIA benefits but due to the waiting period and the fact that they may be missing important support documents social insurance numbers, birth certificates, status cards etc they end up in the lobby of the Red Road Lodge.

The Red Road Lodge has a special program whereby these individuals may qualify to live at the lodge in one of our holding rooms allowing them an address, telephone contact and a volunteer support worker to help them while they are being interviewed and processed for social assistance or other supports.

Annually a special fund-raising effort is launched to provide funds to subsidize the cost of these rooms and provide lodging and support for these high-needs individuals.