Short Term & Extended Stay

Providing lodging, hope, stability and real opportunity for change!

Short term stay

This describes situations in which people, who are technically homeless and without permanent shelter, access accommodation that offers no prospect of permanence. Those who are provisionally accommodated may be accessing temporary housing provided by the government or the non-profit sector or may have independently made arrangements for short-term accommodation.

Long term residency - Extended stay

For many people where you live is not a choice but a matter that is dictated by economic circumstances, health and community connections. At the Red Road Lodge a small number of residents have decided “a house is not a home” and that Red Road Lodge is home.

While individuals are encouraged to transition to facilities of their liking at a time that they feel is appropriate. Some individuals have developed a comfort and security level and embraced our congregate living environment and have expressed a desire to remain at the Red Road Lodge for an extended period of time. These individuals have become part of the “core” that makes the Red Road Lodge more than a place to sleep, a place they can call “home”.

For Extended Stay residents, part-time employment and volunteer activities often become part of their daily routine. Staff and management provide ensure special attention is paid to these individuals particularly with regards to ensuring they connect with their support worker and that their health and well-being are being attended to.